Coriander Seeds Decoction for a Heavy Menstrual Flow

Today is day 2 of my period. I have an excessive bleeding that caused lower back pain (7/10), lower abdomen pain (4-5/10), and right leg pain(3-4/10). I can describe the lower back pain as being hit with a baseball bat over and over again. It felt like my lower back was going to break. I took ibuprofen in the morning, but after one hour it didn’t relieve the pain at all. I cried 😭😭😭

I texted my doctor to update my symptoms today. She called me, told me to take some of my Ayurvedic medicines and also to make decoction from coriander seeds and a cup of water. What I need was

1 tbsp of coriander seeds (I use coriander seed powder) + 1 cup of water

Boil it with medium heat until only half cup left, for about 8-10 minutes. Drink whilst it warms.

The question is why coriander seeds?

Coriander seeds contain natural stimulants that stimulate your endocrine glands to secrete and maintain proper hormone balance, which ensures that the associated pain with the cycle is reduced, and excess flow is alleviated 


This source also mentioned a different way to make a coriander seeds decoction:

What You Need

6 g coriander seeds

1 teaspoon of sugar

1 liter water

What You Have To Do

Boil 6 grams of coriander seeds in half a liter of water.

Add a teaspoon of sugar when the water has been reduced to half.

Drink the mixture while it is still warm.

How Often Should You Use It

This mixture should be consumed thrice a day daily.

I didn’t use sugar or honey at all in my decoction, it tasted so awful. I almost puke 🀒 So, my advice is to add a little bit of honey to kill the odd taste.

Here are more information about the health benefits of coriander seeds and it leaves (cilantro)

One tablespoon of coriander (Coriandrum sativum) seeds contains about: (9, 10)

15 calories

2.8 grams carbohydrates

0.6 gram protein

0.9 gram fat

2.1 grams fiber

0.8 milligram iron (4.6 percent DV)

16 milligrams magnesium (4 percent DV)

35 milligrams calcium (3.5 percent DV)

20 milligrams phosphorus (2 percent DV)

1 milligram vitamin C (1.7 percent DV)

Coriander’s volatile oil is also rich in beneficial phytonutrients like carvone, geraniol, limonene, borneol, camphor, elemol and linalool. It also has flavonoids, including quercetin, kaempferol, rhamnetin and apigenin, as well as active phenolic acid compounds, including caffeic and chlorogenic acid.


After about an hour my lower back pain has lessen to 3-4/10, lower abdomen pain has down to 2-3/10, and the leg pain has gone. The bleeding has been less heavy. So it works, yay! 😍


Ayurvedic Medicines Feb – April

My new batch of medicine had arrived 3 days ago. This time my friend carried it for me from India. As I posted before, I had a problem with Chinese postal office. They held my medicine and told me that I shouldn’t send medicine by postal service. That’s odd, I’ve been doing it for more than a year and they have just complained 2 months ago. Anyways, next time I might need to use DHL although it will be more expensive.

Those are my medicine for the next two months. The prescription is the same as what I got last month. 

As you see, my doctor named the medicine as fibree 1,2,3. It’s actually not their real name. Each medicine is a mixture of several herbal medicine that made specifically for my condition. My doctor had changed my medicine several times now. It depends on how’s my health progressing in this treatment.

These are my morning pills.

And these are my day and night pills. Yep, lots of pills to take! Not including my vitamins and supplements 😁😁😁

This is how I live with Adenomyosis.  It requires a lot of discipline and patience. Discipline to take all of supplements and medicine on time, discipline not to eat what I shouldn’t eat, and be patient with all of the pain. It’s quite challenging, but I know I can do it πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻πŸ’ͺ🏻😊😊😊

Medicine and Suplements

I got my Ayurvedic medicines yesterday. I had to picked it up at the custom office. They held it for few days. Apparently Chinese regulations prohibit people in China to receive medicines from abroad. The funny thing was I have been receiving Ayurvedic medicines for more than a year and they just started to check my package this month. Apparently I have ran out luck! 

It’s not a good news for me. I need to figure how to get my medicines deliver from India to China, no matter what.

Anyway, here is my new Ayurvedic medicines for the next one month.

I also take some suplements every morning.

I bought turmeric supplement from iherb. I read that turmeric is good to reduce inflammation, I want to give it a shot. I’m still waiting for reply from my doctor about the dosage that I should take. The brand that I bought is called Organic India. It has a really good review from many people on iherb. Let’s see how my body reacts to it.

Eating Clean: Day 1

As what I posted yesterday, I’m committed to change my poor diet to support my Adenomyosis healing. As my doctor said, I have to change for my own good. She was right, I should remember the pain. The pain that caused me have to had bed rest for few days every month 😭😭😭

It’s day 9 from the first day of my period. The bleeding has stopped on day 5, but until today I still can feel the pain. Today’s pain are slight cramps (3/10) and slight rectal pain (2/10). I think I can manage without ibuprofen today. 

I’m thinking to keep food journal of what I eat every day to keep in track, and the picture will speak it self. 


I had a cup of warm lemon water and honey 30 minutes before breakfast but I didn’t take picture of it 😁 Yes, my apples in the picture look oxidated. I took this pic half way finishing the whole bowl πŸ˜†



Around 11:30 I had cramps, back pain, rectal pain, and right leg pain (7/10). I had to take 1x200mg ibuprofen. It’s 4pm now, the pain level went down to 3/10.

I am healing gently

I had my USG result couple days ago. It wasn’t much different from my USG result on August last year. My symptoms definitely getting better compared to last year. I thought my current report will show that my Adenomyosis was almost gone or something like that. But I was wrong…

My Ayurveda doctor knew that I was felt down about it. She told me to tell my self that…

I am healthy

My uterus is healthy

I am healing gently

Stay away from stress, keep thinking in a positive way. 

She knows that I have a lot on my plate, she wants me to be relax and let it go…

I guess she was right…

16 Months Adeno Recap


I have taken Adenomyosis treatment from Ayurvedic gynecologist since Feb 2015. I got pregnant on April 2015, I had miscarriage on Week 7 of my pregnancy. My doctor told me Adenomyosis caused my miscarriage. She advised me to wait until my uterus’ condition getting better to try to conceive again. She will decide my current state after I get USG this month. Wish me luck!

My monthly symptoms are less painful now. No more constipation and blood cloth in my menses. I’m tracking my pain state during my menses as follow:

Before treatment:

Day 1-3: Severe cramps, nausea, severe back pain, heavy bleeding, big blood cloths, dizziness – I wasn’t be able to do any activity at this state

Day 4-6: Medium cramps, medium back pain, rectal pain – I was able to do limited physical activity

Day 7-10/11/12(until ovulation day): light cramps, rectal pain – Able to do physical activity

After treatment:

Day 1: Severe cramps, severe back pain, nausea, heavy bleeding – Unable to do physical activity or able to do little physical activity.

Day 2-5: light cramps, light back pain, rectal pain – Able to do physical activity

Day 7-10/11/12(until ovulation day): little cramps, rectal pain

What are changes that I did to get this current state?

  • Consume Ayurvedic medicines.
  • Pesco vegetarian diet – I only eat fish maximum once a week. I still eat egg.
  • No dairy products.
  • Avoid high estrogen food (soy, eggplants, etc)
  • Anti inflammation diet.
  • Drink cinnamon powder + Green tea 2-5 times a week.
  • Post natal yoga – when I’m not in pain.
  • Avoid junk food. My hardest challenge is to avoid to eat factory produced snacksΒ  (choco wafer, choco bars, muffins, crackers, etc)
  • Avoid spicy food – this is hard too, I love spicy food!
  • Take ibuprofen to relieve my pain
  • Apply hot water bag on my lower abdomen when I’m in pain.

I feel that I have my ups and downs fighting this disease. Sometimes I feel so lazy and I will skip my yoga in a week, eat factory produced snacks, eat my fave spicy food, eat tofu, milk shakes… And after that I will feel so much pain when I have my period. No one else to blame but my self… That’s why I think it’s good for me to have this journal, to keep me in track, to REMEMBER THE PAIN!

I know that my chance to have a child is lower because I have this disease, it makes me feel sad.. the pain every month, the fact about less chance to have a child.. it’s so depressing.. I run a business online, and it’s not in a good state right now, makes me feel more depressed -_-

Anyways.. I need to vent. This journal will be my vent media, my efforts tracker.. It’s the story of my life living with Adenomyosis.

Adenomyosis and Me


First time I heard about adenomyosis was 3 months ago. I went to gynecologist to check why I always get severe menstrual pain this last 2 years. By severe here I mean 2 few days of stay in bed because of massive pain on my uterus, nausea, and back pain at the same time. The pain will be lessen after day 3, it means only cramps that will last until day 6. On day 6-9 or sometimes 10 I will feel shooting pain around my butt. And after that everything will back to normal.Β  Yes, 10 days of pain every monthΒ  is really frustrating! I search information online about menstrual pain (dysmenorrhea) and I found out about endometriosis. I was afraid I have this condition that’s why I decided to seek gynecologist. The doctor sent me to get USG check and HPV test. The result was I diagnosed with adenomyosis and also got high risk HPV but in mild condition, so I only need to make regular check every 6 months to see whether there’s change on my cervical cells. 2 bad news at a time, it was hard!

I read about endometriosis before, but never know about adenomyosis. My doctor didn’t speak English, only the nurse. She told me that I have adenomyosis. When I asked what is that? She could not explain it in English. She only said that there’s a problem on my uterus 😦 She told me if I’m planning to have baby, I need to check my fertility at different hospital. When I asked whether the doctor there speak English, she said.. maybe not.

So I walked out from the hospital with big question mark on my head. I jumped on the bus and start to search information online about adenomyosis.

According to, Adenomyosis is a condition in which the inner lining of the uterus (the endometrium) breaks through the muscle wall of the uterus (the myometrium). Adenomyosis can cause menstrual cramps, lower abdominal pressure, and bloating before menstrual periods and can result in heavy periods. The condition can be located throughout the entire uterus or localized in one spot.

adenomyosis vs endometriosis

You can see from pictures above the difference between adenomyosis and endometriosis. If adenomyosis the endometrium grow inside uterus muscle, for endometriosis the endometrium growth outside uterus.

From what I read, the cause of adenomyosis remains unknown. It will disappear after menopause and it will cause infertility for some women. There are some way to treat the symptomps but the only way to cure it is by hysterectomy (removal of the uterus). You can read more about adenomyosis here

It sound like bad news for me. I still want to have children. I don’t want my uterus to be removed 😦

I went to hospital hospital that the nurse told me with my Chinese friend. She helped me to talk to the doctor. Different from the first hospital I went, in this hospital they have no private room for the patients. When we did consultation there were another 10 ladies inside the room queuing. I felt so uncomfortable! Even on the internal USG room, it’s not a private room. There were 2 other ladies queuing. I felt so uncomfortable! The internal USG result showed that I do have adenomyosis and bulking uterus. The doctor sent me to do different test, but I never did it. I need Chinese person assistant to do the next test. My Chinese friend went out of town the week after.Β  I was busy with my new business and school. I just never did it.

I want to get cure with alternative way. I don’t want to get surgery. I’m thinking to try traditional Chinese medicine and acupuncture treatment or ayurveda. I read some people successfully heal this way.

This Thursday I will go to traditional Chinese medicine hospital to get check. I will write down the result later.

Let’s hope for the best ^_^