I need a miracle

I have arrived in Vietnam today. A beautiful country to visit. I took a walk and ate at a nearby restaurant from my hotel. I started to feel cramps, I took one ibuprofen to relieve the pain. After finished our meal, we took a short walk around the hotel area before went back to the hotel. 

At the hotel, I was excited to try my new electric hot water bag that I  bought yesterday for my trip. My old ones was broken. When I opened the packaging, I couldn’t find any charger for it. I didn’t checked it when I bought it because I was in hurry.

My pain is escalating, and I’m in my hotel room trying to deal with the pain until the ibuprofen is reacting. I don’t think I can make it without the how water bag 😭 My husband is out now to find hot water bag for me. I really hope he will find one, I though I doubt it..  😔 My husband said that he will try to buy me a strong pain killer for me..

I feel frustrated… I feel that I’m going to cry 😭 


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